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A Note from Pastor Paul

History of New Song Church

Our goals

Our strategies

A Note from Pastor Paul

"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me, get away with me, and you’ll recover your life….Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly."

That comes from a version of the Bible called, The Message. It’s the last few verses of Matthew, Chapter 11. We liked what it said, and wanted to start a church with this message in mind.

At New Song, we want you to recover your life. We want you to experience the healing and wholeness that God has to offer. You, your family, and your neighbors deserve to hear the Good News about how your life can be more meaningful and more fulfilling.

Melissa and I, along with Hunter and Emily, invite you to join us as we attempt to put a “New Song” into our lives.

Come check us out! We'd love to meet you!



History of New Song Church

In winter, 1999, Paul and Melissa Gibson met with a group of friends and relatives to discuss the possibilities for starting a new church in the East Valley. After a considerable amount of prayer, and lengthy discussions about the advantages and disadvantages, everyone became convinced that God had indeed called Paul to start a new church, and that they had been called to help.

We decided that starting an independent church would be quite difficult financially as none of us was independently wealthy. As an experienced American Baptist pastor, Paul met with the New Church Planting Committee of Arizona, which is part of American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest, (ABC-PSW). At this meeting, Paul was encouraged to attend a number of training conferences and to request approval as a Church Planter.

We then decided to create an independent, contemporary, evangelical Christian church with an affiliation with the American Baptists.

Things proceeded at a rapid pace.

  • July, 1999 Pastor Paul met with ABC-PSW Board in Covina, CA and was approved as a Church Planter.

  • August, 1999 Paul was interviewed by the American Baptist Churches (ABC-USA) National Ministries and was approved as a Church Planter.

  • September, 1999 An initial meeting with a possible launch group (interested supporters) was held. About 30 people attended.

  • September 21, 1999 New Song Church was officially approved for incorporation by the State of Arizona.

  • November, 1999 At the first meeting of New Song Board of Directors, the Constitution and Bylaws were approved and the initial budget discussed.

  • December, 1999 The first newsletter was mailed to friends, relatives, and various church organizations.

  • March 12, 2000 The first organized meeting of the launch team at First Baptist, Mesa. 51 people attended.

  • May 7, June 25 and August 27, 2000 Preview services were held at Nativity Lutheran Church, Gilbert to allow friends, relatives, and visitors to critique various styles of music and presentations.

  • September 10, 17, 24, and October 1, 2000 The Exhibition Season—weekly services began at Brimhall Junior High as practice for the grand opening.

  • October 8, 2000 The grand opening worship service was held at Brimhall Junior High.

  • January 7, 2001 The first worship service was held at Pioneer Elementary School, Gilbert.



Our Goals

Within five years of public worship service, New Song Church will reach 500 adults in weekend worship.

Within five years we will have a minimum of 15 acres of property, a multipurpose building seating 700 people, and several outdoor recreational fields.

Forty percent of those attending will be people who have not been going to church.

Fifty percent of those attending will be involved in using their gifts in some type of ministry, or be involved in a small group.

Five years after starting public worship, New Song Church will be a mother church to a new church plant.



Our Strategies

“I do everything I can to win everyone I possibly can. I do all this for the good news, because I want to share in its blessings.” I Corinthians 9:22b-23

Churches are like individual Christians. They have a tendency to get out of balance when certain aspects of their lives or ministries are overemphasized and others are underemphasized. To properly balance our church’s ministry, we have carefully designed strategies to ensure that we fulfill our purpose.

We are a church that is vision-directed, values-enhanced, and purpose-driven.

1. We assimilate new members on purpose.

It is our objective to keep moving people toward a more consistent and faithful following of Jesus Christ. To do that, we help people move towards five different levels of participation:

  • Community

  • Crowd

  • Congregation

  • Committed

  • Core

2. We train on purpose through Discovery Time.

Discovering New Song

Discovering Yourself

Discovering Christ

Discovering Your Ministry/Mission

3. We offer small groups on purpose.

The small groups offered will meet specific needs of New Song.



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