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Discovery Time

Elementary (Grades K-5)  - meet in the Skills Room, 9:05 am to 9:45 am

Junior/Senior High (Grades 6–12)  - meet in the Multi-Purpose Room, 9:15 am to 9:45 am

Adult Class Jesus in Today's World - discussing Bible applications in actual current events. We are using the popular The Wired Word curriculum emailed to participants every Thursday with Biblical references and questions used to discuss the topic during class. Meet in Art Room, 9:05 am to 9:45 am

Nursery (up to age 4) is available in the Staff Lounge.

Questions? Call Linda Berns, 480-924-6690.

Discovery focuses on four major areas:

Discovering Jesus Christ

Find out who He is and why a relationship with Him is so very important. Look at His impact upon our culture, review the history of the church (good and bad), learn what the Bible is all about and how to use it, discuss the causes of sin and what that means for each of us, and engage in more in-depth discussions about God.

Discovering New Song Church

Find out who we are, what we believe and why a relationship with a church is important to you. Find out what makes New Song work, what our priorities are, and why it might be God’s will for you to join us on an exciting journey. We like to think of New Song as a family of people striving to be focused, fulfilled and fruitful in the way we lead our lives at home, at work, and in our communities.

Discovering Yourself

Find out who you are, how you can improve yourself and your relationships with God and others. Choose from a wide variety of learning opportunities as they develop — financial planning, parenting tips, health care, technology skills, how to baby-sit, etc., as well as small group studies on Biblical topics.

Discovering Your Ministry

Find out what special gifts, talents and interests you have and how you can best use these abilities to help others. We want you to feel comfortable in using your talent not only in church but also in the community where it can touch more hearts.


What is Discovery?

At New Song, we refer to Discovery as obtaining information about things that affect your everyday life. Discovery is important for people of all age groups.

We experience many things in our lifetime. How we deal with the challenges  and rewards of life is based on our personal education, training, experience, failure, or observation of others. 

We’ve had a collection of good and bad role models, and, that’s pretty much why we end up each day with questions that need answering. So we keep searching.

We don't profess to know all the answers to your questions —–but we know Someone who does!

Small Group Ministry

What is a small group?

A small group provides an opportunity for every member, regular attender or guest of our church to be supported through regular contact with a small group leader and other group participants. Small groups may be made up of couples, single adults, men only, women only, teens, adults and youth, or any combination of these categories.

Whatever the grouping, members will learn the things that make their family or single life work better. Group discussions will be open and free with emphasis on the application of Scripture to daily life.

The group will be a place where people gather in Christ's name and really learn to care for each other.

Our small groups meet on various days and times including a women’s group and a men's group that meet on Tuesday evenings. Please call the church office, 480-830-3447, for specific information about current groups and how you can become part of a group.

At New Song, we are open to starting small groups that meet your needs. If you want a morning, afternoon or evening group, please let us know. What about a special group—women only, men only, young married couples, career singles, single again, couples with blended families, left-handers only, prayer group? Please let us know! Thanks!

Possible Subjects

  • Marriage and Family

  • Life Issues and Problems

  • Discovering Jesus Christ

  • Discovering the Real You

  • Deepening Your Relationship with God

  • Parenthood

  • Relationships

  • Prayer

  • Bible study


United In Prayer

This group of volunteers is actively engaged in daily prayer for our church, those who attend our church, our friends, relatives, neighbors, and associates with whom we have contact, the leaders of our country and the world. Group members pray with all individuals who seek prayer support following each worship service.


Caring Ministry

The purpose of this volunteer group is to provide needed services for the New Song family, including meal service during illness or recovery from surgery, transportation to medical appointments, hospital visits, or any number of other emergencies.


Youth Ministry

We currently have two youth groups that meet for Bible study on Sunday mornings during Discovery Time and for frequent special events on various days and times. The junior/senior high group is for students in Grades 6–12. Special events include mission trips, camping, swim parties, movies, pizza and a whole lot more!


Children's Ministry

Our children’s ministry involves all children from preschool through Grade 5. On Sunday mornings during Discovery Time, the children study Bible lessons and participate in fun activities. We currently have classes for Grades K-5. Preschool children have a short Bible lesson during their stay in a divided part of the nursery.

During the second half of the worship service, students in Grades K-5 may participate in a special children’s activity that features Bible lessons, crafts, videos and games.


Family Ministry

New Song also promotes various special activities during the year to please the entire family. All events are open to the community so you can meet us up close and personal. These events include Family Fun Days (inflatable jumping slides, pony rides, food, music, petting zoo), swimming parties at community pools, week-long music camp for children, adult softball teams, potlucks, pizza, camping and lots more!



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