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Want to hear more? These are excerpts from some of Pastor Paul's sermons.


Your Best Friend

Be reassured that you are never alone. Jesus promises that He will always be with you.

Length approximately 3 minutes.


Making God Real

Find out how your choices affect your perception of God in your life.

Length approximately 1.25 minutes.


Extravagance with God

Extravagance with God helps us examine how we express our gratefulness to God. Does it equal the expressions of love we show to those around us?

Length approximately 1 minute.


Putting First Things First

First Things First talks about how modern society knows about God and yet does not act on that knowledge.

Length approximately 3.5 minutes.


Keeping Things in Order

Keeping Things in Order examines how not putting God first affects your life in profound ways.

Length approximately 3.5 minutes.





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